Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

E Portfolio

Portfolio is a collection either of a number of actual pieces of work or representations of pieces of work managed by user. Portfolio in education has four characteristics; student centered, competence oriented, cyclical with regard to action and reflection multimedia oriented. Student center allows students to manage their own portfolios. Students are in control of making right or wrong choices when completing their portfolios.

Competence oriented is an examination of the concept of competence. Students want to use portfolios to show their strengths. Information and projects are put into portfolios to later on pick back up.

Action and reflection from a student prospective portfolios are created along with reflections so that you are always able to reflect back on your own. E portfolios can facilitate students reflection on their own learning leading to more awareness of learning strategies and needs.

E portfolios help students to store information and track their progress. This can be used during your entire education career. Using E Portfolios students are very likely to express themselves more through what they enjoy most "computers".
Computers have taken over pin and paper therefore E portfolios have only strength our society.
E Portfolios are new to me. I have completed many portfolios by gathering information and complaining it all together for a finish product, but they were not done electronically. After reading the article of helpful information I am ready for this new adventure.

Do you think elementary students can benifit from using e portfolios? Why or Why not?