Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Communication Media

As a student in elementary school my teachers would always make copies of books or pages from a book. These copies were made to assure that every student have the opportunity to view the text as the teacher teaches. I had not clue that this was not good practice.

While doing my student teaching at a particular elementary school, the school only had reading and math textbooks for class. The teacher would make copies of all the pages in the book in which the lessons came from.

In the article Copyright Cop refers to this as the use of publicly accessible institutional resources to unlawfully distribute copyright material without permission. Making photocopies of a copyright text is illegal.

Can the use of technology become addictive and affect our every day lives?
People have become so focused on their hand held gadgets to the point in which relationships with others are being neglected. Texting and communicating through emails has affected our communication skills.

Dr. Akikar a professor at the University of Southern California's school of Medicine stated " Technology addictions can interfere with your social and occupational life. There are also health hazards from sitting in front of the computer for too many hours a day, such as weight gain cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

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